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Binding Sizing Chart


When it comes to wakeboard bindings, there's a few features to consider when buying: flex, toe, and lacing. Trying on bindings completely dry is not the easiest thing to do - most bindings are tough to get your feet into, water of course helps, we recommend lubricants such as Airheads Boot Goo designed specifically to help slide your foot into your binding. Bindings should have a very snug fit, but not so tight that it's painful.

The Size Chart below is a great guide for all riders!

 O'Brien Wakeboard Binding size chart


Binding Flex

Binding flex ranges from very stiff to very flexible. There is no right or wrong answer - each rider will have their own preference for the stiffness of their boot. Beginners will often lean towards a more softer and flexible binding. A more flexible fit will allow for more maneuverability and play on the board during wicked tricks and sharp pops. A stiffer boot however, will make the rider feel more locked into the board and are great for carving and speed.  

Binding Toe Options

There are two options when it comes to the toe of the binding: open or closed. Open-toe boots are the best option when you have multiple people sharing the board. The open toe design allows a few more shoe sizes to fit into the binding, therefore making them perfect for groups of friends and families with growing children.
Closed-toe boots are just like regular boots. They offer a more precise fit, giving the rider more control. All skill levels will be comfortable in closed toe bindings.

Binding Lacing Systems

​More of a preference and convenience aspect, the types of lacing that a binding has shouldn't be overlooked.
The two most common types are laces and velcro straps. Laces come with fasteners, so all you need to do is pull the lace to a snug fit and move the fastener down to keep it in place. Velcro straps are exactly as you expect, a series of straps around the binding that you tighten to your desire.